Catch up

“What did the mommy tomato and daddy tomato say to the baby tomato as they crossed the busy street?  ‘Ketchup!’ “

It is no longer winter here, not really even spring any more considering school is finally out and the solstice is upon us!  Let’s play catch up.


We enjoyed Cameron’s vegetable garden so much last year:

east grand rapids garden photos

that we have started a new one.  A bigger one! :

East Grand Rapids garden 2012

Aidan just finished one of his best school years EVER and is getting ready for 8th grade.  I think this is the first time he wasn’t flippin’ cartwheeling excited at the prospect of summer break.  We are so blessed to have a great school district and inspiring teachers, for all our kids.

East grand rapids mi middle school photos


He is still writing and reading AND drawing every night.

He, and a friend, and their art teacher invited his favorite Manga Artist and author Mark Crilley to come for a visit.  Ask and he will come.  We stalked him between 2 libraries and school visits for 3 days, and as a reward for good fanmanship (is that a word?) he gave this to Aidan.  :

East Grand Rapids Manga Artist

Aidan and his friend Josh wowed the entire middle school and half the town with their dueling diabolos act at the talent show.  I got to be there to witness the standing ovations, both before they took the stage and again as they finished.  Video to come soon, I hope!

India got her desired part of narrator this year in the school play ‘The 5 Pied Pipers of Hamelin.”

east grand rapids school play photo

Shortly after that she rocked the school science fair with her experiment on prolonging the life of cut roses.  (guess what?  plain water won out.)

Cameron  got BIG.  He turned 5 after a long 364-day wait.  He tells everyone he sees that is now ‘five and big.” He just finished his last day of beloved Whistlestop preschool last week.   Big K (kindergarten) watch out!

egr birthday photo rosario

east grand rapids kid


We are staying close to home this summer.  No big roadtrips planned, this year…  Aidan and India are off to their first respective sleep away camps, then both doing Circus Camp when they return.  Cam is going to stay busy with swim, tennis and soccer and riding bikes and zooming around the neighborhood in his go-cart.  You can find us either tending the vegetable garden, snoozing in the hammock, chasing fireflies or beaching it at Lake Michigan.  Let the games begin!

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Wonderful update and event accomplishments. Love you all and congratulations to all on your achievements. Have a great summer.

This little “ketchup” made me miss the Ro-Ro’s so much. Wish we were there experiencing all those milestones with you. Hopefully we’ll see you in July …

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