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Testing testing….is this thing on?

Blog has been broken for months.  MONTHS I tell ya.  I am finally turning my to-do list upside down.  now…..drum rollll…..


nope.  Still broken.  Back to the bottom of the to-do list it goes. :(

Zen and the Art of Winter Dressing

Oh, has it ever been a l-o-n-g winter

After being buried for many winters in Boston and now in the frozen north of Michigan we have developed a few survival skills.  Most importantly, Zen and the Art of Winter Dressing.  As so many preschool teachers can attest, wrangling 20 wily wiggly little kids to get them outside in the 20 degree weather 2 or 3 times a day is enough to lead to an early retirement.  Thank god we have teachers.  So it goes something like this:  Snow pants before boots.  Boots before the coat.  Coat before the hat.  Hat before the mittens.  Say it with me.  Pants. Boots. Coat. Hat. Mittens.  Pants. Boots. Coat. Hat. Mittens. Pants, boots, coat, hat, mittens.

oooops.  That should be BATHROOM.  Pants, boots, coat, hat, mittens…..

life in grand rapids

[…] should have one good snowstorm and be done with it–3 days later.  I tolerate it, at best.  I find ways to survive it. I don’t love it.  But sometimes, in order to realize the beauty of something we just have […]

Rituals of Camaraderie

A cup of love will solve any problem. :)

starting every day with a cup of tea


marla carter

This is so cute, i actually left reader to comment! Absolutely adorable!!

When I was a kid…

When my kids are adults they won’t be lying when they tell their own children they had to walk a mile to school.   in a foot of snow.   uphill both ways.

poor kid walking to school in the snow

Miles of books

“She sounds like someone who spends a lot of time in libraries, which are the best sorts of people.”

"did you read the one about...?"