First Day of School

First day as a senior, first day as a freshman, first day of 4th grade and also first day of American school for one of us!

We are all a bit anxious about the start of the school year and reluctant to let go of summer. ¬†Last night after returning from the beach we were freshly showered and relaxing on the couch, I looked around and said “So what’s the plan guys?” ¬†I think it is hilarious that all 4 kids knew that my actual question was “what’s the ESCAPE plan?” ¬†Simultaneously I heard:

India “I call dibs on hiding in the biggest closet.”

Aidan “Canada!”

Giulia “Let’s all go to Italy and find a village with no school.”

Cameron “Get the keys, warm up the get away car!”

Sigh. ¬†I will miss all this while they are at school. ¬†It’s been such a perfect summer.

EGRHS first day class of 2017

Giulia in american school

Cameron going to fourth grade at Breton

Sunset at the Lake

We swam, we splashed, we paddled, we ate, we read, and we napped, all leading up to the spectacular sunset. ¬†I’m told that Lake Michigan is famous for its sunsets. ¬†I understand why now. ¬†Giulia exclaimed that she had never seen a view like this one. ¬†I am sure it will be the first of many.

Stand Up Paddleboard at Lake Michigan

SUP Lake Michigan

Sunset at Lake Michigan

paddle to the sunset in michigan


Senior Retreat

“Hey Aidan, here’s a camera, take lots of photos for Giulia at Senior Retreat please.”

“Good idea” he says.

“Hey Aidan, show me all the photos you took!”

“Here’s THE photo I took” he says.

Way to go, bro.  Where did you learn to teenage like a pro?  SMH.




When in America…

…you do as Americans do. ¬†Cheeseburger and fries.

We went to Saugatuck for Giulia’s first trip to Lake Michigan and the favorite restaurant ¬†at which we always eat wasn’t open yet. ¬†So we explored a bit. ¬†I guess(?) it’s only fitting to have taxidermied chickens, goats and cats hanging over your head while you indulge in your first plate of American cheeseburger and fries of the year. ¬†Sorry Giulia, we can do better, I promise. ¬†However….Wally’s is famous for the perch and it was oh-so-good. ¬†Next time, we are absolutely getting a table¬†on the patio.



The Breakfast Club

Giulia has been here for just 3 days and it has already been a busy week with school appointments, setting up¬†a phone, a trip to the bank, meeting friends at the Yacht Club to watch Cameron sail, a trip to Target, and of course Starbucks. ¬†Americans really do have a Starbucks on nearly every corner. ¬†After Senior Class Registration yesterday we had Aidan’s ¬†Breakfast Club over to ours for brunch. ¬†As this group usually does, they played cards for hours. ¬†Rebekah, as you can see, is very serious about her rules for the game.

breakfast club card battle

Nesting and Getting Ready

We are about to get a new kid. ¬†So we nest. ¬†India and I have spent the last 2 weeks getting ‘The Nanny Room’ ready for Giulia. ¬†Don’t worry Giulia, there won’t be any babysitting or ‘nannying’ happening here ¬†ūüôā ¬†Welcome to your new home away from home!

Guest Room redecorate

guest room decor

quiet peaceful guest room


In July we took a quick trip to Chicago for a few days.  We spent most of our time while touring trying to find the best spots to cool down, The Crown Fountain was a favorite for all of us.

Rosarios and Robles in Chicago

chicago crown ftn and cloudgate



chicago navy pier

These photographs were created on Agfa film with Canon Eos-1v, processed by ProPhotoIrvine